The Gotham Gal and I went to see Walk The Line last night.

We have been Johnny Cash fans for years.  Jo’s brother Jerry turned us on to his music about 10-15 years ago and we’ve always loved him.  The kids aren’t so hot on Johnny.  I suppose its a generational thing.

Anway, the movie was good but not great.  It was too long and not very tight.  But the love story of Johnny and June is wonderful and Reese Witherspoon is just fantastic as June Carter.

The final scene (and the opening scene) takes place in Folsom Prison.

So this morning I got up early (as usual) and put the live record Johnny cut at Folsom Prison on Rhapsody.

This is an amazing record.

When he sings "25 Minutes To Go" or "Joe Bean", both songs about life on death row, to the cheering inmates it’s so real and so raw.  Add Johnny’s unique voice to the mix and you have live music magic.

I suppose you need to be a Johnny Cash fan to enjoy this record, but I’d suggest everyone give it a listen.

Johnny was a one of a kind guy.  An american icon.  And this record sums up everything he stood for pretty nicely.

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