Rhapsody for the Mac

I wrote a post in May asking when Rhapsody would be available for the Mac.

Well the answer is today.

But it’s even more exciting because Rhapsody is now available on the WEB!!!

I hate client software and wish I could live in my browser.  Slowly but surely the word is going that way.

Rhapsody is one of my all time favorte apps.  Music dial tone.  The way music should be served up.

My family are Mac users.  They could never use Rhapsody.  Now they can.  In fact, it’s already on one Powerbook in the house and I suspect it will be on all of them before the night is over.

So this is a big deal in our house.

Theoretically, this is going to make it easier to share music via weblinks, but I am not sure about that part yet.  First, you still have to download the Rhapsody Music Engine to listen to Rhapsody music.  For Firefox users, that’s just a Firefox extension so that’s pretty simple.  For Safari users, its tougher. You have to download a file and install it.  I suspect its the same for IE, but we don’t use IE in our house so honestly I don’t know. So not everyone will be able to simply click on a link and listen.

And then when you do link to a song or a playlist on Rhapsody, it still takes you to the old "launch Rhapsody" page, so they have to fix that. I am not going to link to Rhapsody music until it takes you directly to rhapsody.com and starts playing a song.

Anyway, this is a big step forward.  For Mac users, this is a really great development.

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