Predicting The Future (continued)

This is the first post in a series I am doing called Predicting The Future.

Ever since I posted my The Future of Media rant, I have been obsessed with the idea that the major media companies need to start putting their television and film assets online for free with an ad supported business model, like they do on broadcast television every day (but not on cable or DVD).

So I really want to see John Battelle’s first prediction come true:

1. Someone, and I do not know who, will make a big pile of Big Media
video assets freely available on the web – and not via Google Video.
This will be a major studio, or television company, which will realize
that once you free content, content will come back to you in mashed up
and remixed glory that has – holy smokes! – real business models like
advertising and retail attached. The deal will be simple: anyone can
download, rip, and mix this video, but if you plan to make money from
it – even selling ads next to it – you have to cut a deal with the
mother ship. The company that does this will be heralded as either
visionary, lunatic, or both.

I want to do whatever I can do to make this happen so if you have a technology or business model that can help make this happen, or if you work for a major media company that is thinking this way, please email me and let’s talk.

#VC & Technology