Predicting The Future (continued)

This is the third post in a series I am doing called Predicting The Future.

Dave Winer has a bunch of predictions up on his WordPress blog.  I suspect they are all tongue in cheek but I can’t be sure.  The first one got my attention:

1. Apple will ship two generations of iPods. The
first new generation, released in April, will have a satellite receiver
built-in. The second will have a low-power FM transmitter built-in.

It’s a certainty, not a prediction, that Apple will ship new iPods next year that obsolete the ones we all bought this year that made obsolete the ones we bought the year before.  SNL did the definitive piece on Apple’s obsession with planned obsolesence.  I still can’t stop lauging when I see that skit.

Since we all know that Apple will not open up the iPod without a sea change in their market position, I am interested in doing something in 2006 that will allow me and everyone else to own digital music player that we can plug a FM module, a Sirius module, an XM module, or an HD module into, and get "tivo like" store and replay functionality as well.

That’s a killer mobile audio device.

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