Some Lens Love

I posted about Squidoo yesterday and asked the readers to go create some lenses and send me links to what they built.

Thankfully a few people did just that.  And I’d like to highlight four that showcase the power of Squidoo.

Fabulous Shopping
– This is simply an amazing resource for online shopping from a woman’s perspective.  Well done Gina!

Boulder Dining – I’ve got this one saved for the next time I go to Boulder on business.  Thanks Neil!

Microfinance – I give all the money I make on this blog to the Grameen Foundation, a leader in the emerging microfinance effort. This lens tells you a lot about this important category of for profit philanthropy. Thanks Ken!

Wakeboarding – Jessica can do this but I can’t. Thanks Pat!

Go check these lenses out, and talk them up. That will raise their lens rank and get them on the Top 100 (where I’ve got two lenses this morning!).

And if you find some good lenses you want to remember, post them to delicious and use the lens tag.  Here is my lens tag on delicious right now.

#VC & Technology