That's Not The Answer

I spent some time on Yahoo! Answers today.

It reminds me so much of Abuzz, the question and answers service we invested in at Flatiron in late ’97 or early ’98.  I suspect that the culture of the Internet has changed a lot since then and hopefully this time, a service like this can get the kind of traction that makes it really useful.

But one thing really bugged me.  I went to sign up and like most of these services, there was an option to upload a picture.  I do that all the time.  But in Yahoo! Answers, the only options you have are to go without a picture, use your Yahoo! 360 picture, or a Yahoo! Avatar.

I have no interest in Yahoo! 360 or a Yahoo! Avatar.  So I have to go without a picture? 

That’s stupid.

#VC & Technology