Predicting The Future (continued)

This is the fourth post in a series I am doing called Predicting The Future.

Blogs have developed monetization systems like contextual advertising and affiliate links that have allowed the most popular bloggers to make a decent amount of money with them.  The top bloggers have not been forced to join the blog networks in order to turn their blog into a business.

Not so with podcasting, videoblogging, etc.  Today, if you want to make money with those efforts, you need to join a network like Podshow.  But that shouldn’t be.  Podcasting and videoblogging should have its own native advertising system.

Jason Calacanis points this out in his prediction number nine:

9. Google Adsense for Podcasts and/or Video will debut in Q2/Q3 of 2006–Yahoo and Microsoft will follow shortly after that.

If and when these companies, or an independent, does this, we’ll get the technology up on Positively 10th Street.

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