Top 10 Records of 2005

I am going to post one record each weekday for the next two weeks.

They will be my top 10 records of 2005 in reverse order.  The list is already on the web as it has been a work in progress all year.

But hopefully there will be some value in giving you all a new pick every day along with some reasons for the selection.

Just so you know, the criteria is the following.

These are my favorite records of 2005, not necessarily the best records of 2005.

And they are heavily influenced by what gets listened in our home.  So heavy music like System of a Down, or R&B like John Legend, to pick three pretty good records this year (System put out two records in 2005), didn’t have a chance of making it.

I hope you like the picks.  It was a great year for music in 2005 and these ten records are all great and worth a listen.

#My Music