Top 10 Records of 2005 - Number Four

Our friend Cliff is always a source of new music ideas and this year was no different with two tips that turned into top 10 records.  The first one was Josh Rouse.  I have no idea why we’d never heard of Josh before.  His style of pop folk is right up our alley.

Cliff tipped us off at a barbeque in June and Josh was the biggest thing in our house all summer.  We must have listened to this record, Nashville, and another of his records, 1972, every day this summer.

We are still listening to them and we had Nashville on last night.

Josh captures settings in his songs like an artist. His song, Winter In The Hamptons, captures perfectly the feeling of hanging out at the beach in the cold months when the place is deserted.  And Saturday is such a wonderful love song.

We love Josh Rouse and we love this record.

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