Top 10 Records of 2005 - Number Three

Another Cliff tip, this band Hard-Fi is the next Bloc Party.  Their sound is punk (Clash) ska (Specials) with a groove (Style Council) and vocals that remind me of Mike Skinner and the Streets.  That’s some combo.

Their debut record, Stars of CCTV, is so great.  The song Cash Machine might be my song of the year if I was doing that list.  "There’s a hole in my pocket, my pocket, my pocket …."

But there is so much more on this record to love.  Tied Up Too Tight, Middle Eastern Holiday, Hard To Beat, Feltham Is Singing Out, Living For The Weekend, and the list goes on an on.

They are apparently coming to the US for a tour early in 2006.  That’s a must see for me.

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