Top 10 Records of 2005 - Number Two

Raj Bala also gave me two tips this year that ended up in the top 10.

M. Ward was his biggest contribution to my musical journey.  This guy blew me away the first time I heard him and he hasn’t stopped doing that ever since.

He may be known for his guitar playing, but its his voice that does it for me.  I can’t get enough of it. Neither can the rest of our family.

And his song writing is also wonderful.  This record, Transistor Radio, could have as easily been written by Woddie Guthrie.  It’s that good.

I’d single out some songs, but honestly this record is one of those that has to be listened to straight through. It’s a study in his childhood memories of listening to the radio. 

"turn the volume and get a little of hi-fi".  Absolutely.  Any time Matt.

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