Top 10 Records of 2005 - Number Nine

A lot of the records on my top 10 are bands/artists that I discovered for the first time this year.

Sigur Ros is on that list.  I love this band, their music, and this record, Takk.

My family calls them the Icelandic people.  That they are.  But they are so much more.

I have no idea what they are singing but it doesn’t matter a bit to me.  The music is so wonderful, intense, soaring, and powerful.

I have started to go back and listen to their older records and enjoy them too, but there is something about this one, Takk, that really gets me.  Two songs in particular, Hoppipolla and Saeglopur, are in heavy rotation on my iPod.  But the entire record is great and I am so glad I found this band this year.  I have Raj Bala to thank for that.

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