Two Tiered Airport Security Is Wrong

Brad and I arrived at O’Hare this afternoon, on our way back to NYC, to find a huge security check line.

As we waited patiently in the line, an American Airlines employee came by and asked if we were flying first class or belonged to American’s top rung of their frequent flyer program (I can’t recall what they call it).  We said no.  But a few people said yes and they were escorted to a special security check line with no wait.

I have no issue with American Airline’s desire to serve their best customers with premium service.

But airport security is a federally mandated effort. The public is making a sacrifice of our convenience for collective safety.

And I find the idea that a public utility like airport security can be tiered in some economic way really upsetting.

It’s as if there were a first class section on the NY subway system.

I think it’s wrong.