I have used for the past ten years as my start page.

Honestly, I love it as much today as ever.  The addition of RSS has allowed me to customize my yahoo and I have my top ten RSS feeds at the top of the page along wtih stock prices, weather, and top news.

So it was disturbing to me to see Brad Feld’s post titled The Coming Irrelevance Of My.Yahoo For Me.

Brad makes the case for replacing my yahoo with an exclusively RSS-driven experience via a high volume feed reader like Feed Demon.

I don’t think I am as ready to do that as Brad is.  I find the filtering I do manually (by selecting my top 10 feeds for my start page) helps me avoid drowning in information.

When I told this to Brad in an email, he replied that he needed to teach me how to use a feed reader.  I replied that maybe he needs to teach me how to read at 10mbps!

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