Google vs. Yahoo! (continued)

Richard Siklos has a longish piece on Yahoo! in today’s New York Times Sunday Business Section.

Nothing new in there, but it’s a good historical review of the last five years and gives a good summary of where Yahoo! is headed.  This is my favorite quote:

Still, Mr. Semel contends that Yahoo’s ability to blend brand and
search advertising will set it apart as the Web continues its swift

It strikes me that Yahoo! is farther ahead of Google in brand advertising than Google is ahead of Yahoo! in search.  The "turnkey" approach that Yahoo! offers advertisers seems like a very solid strategy.

Of course time will tell.

In the meantime, I have created my own head to head competition between the two in the Contextual Advertising section on the right sidebar of this blog.  I am now running both Yahoo Publisher Network and Google Adsense.

So far, its pretty clear that Google’s ads are more contextually relevant. But that’s not the only thing that matters.  Once I get a week or two under my belt, I’ll let you all know which one is making me more money.

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