Hackoff.com on your iPod

Readers of this blog know that I have been reading and blogging about Tom Evslin’s murder mystery called Hackoff.com.  Until now, you had to subscribe to or visist the Hackoff.com blog to get the daily updates of this story.

But if you drive to work and are looking for some entertainment to get you through the traffic jams, if you like books on tape, or if you are into podcasts, I’d suggest you check out the Hackoff podcast, which was made available yesterday.

You can listen to them live directly on the Hackoff.com web page.

But I prefer listening on my iPod.  If you want to do that, go to the Hackoff.com podcast page and click on the link that says "subscribe with iTunes".

I’ve just listened to the first chapter.  The chat board discussions didn’t seem to translate very well to the audio format, but the rest of the story works great.

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