Indeed Job Data

Since I am not in the market for a job, I haven’t been spending enough time on Indeed.

But since my post on their instant job board service, I have been playing around with the service this weekend.  And to my surprise and excitement, there is a bunch of real time jobs data that anyone can access for free up on the Indeed site.

Do you want to know where the most jobs are?  Check out this page and the cool job map.  Here’s the top ten cities right now:











Rank (Last Qtr Rank) Metropolitian Area Job Postings Per 1000 People
1 (1) San Jose, CA 99
2 (7) Las Vegas, NV 92
3 (3) Washington, DC 88
4 (2) Boston, MA 80
5 (5) Denver, CO 67
6 (6) San Diego, CA 67
7 (4) Salt Lake City, UT 66
8 (10) Seattle, WA 65
9 (22) St. Paul, MN 63
10 (15) Phoenix, AZ 59

Even cooler is the ability to chart the popularlity of specific job postings.  Let’s say you are a DBMS specialist and want to know if your services are in growing demand.  Check out this chart.


But if you are an AJAX specialist, things are a bit different for you.


Just for fun, let’s see what the demand for VC experience is.


Well I better get busy and learn some Ajax because clearly venture capital isn’t a growth opportunity!

In all seriousness, jobs data is very important to business owners and operators, economists, politicians, and many others. Indeed is producing some really interesting stats and giving them away for free.  Cool.

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