Instant Job Board

Our portfolio company is doing some great stuff.

For those who are not familiar with Indeed, its a job search engine.  Think Google for jobs.

As Indeed says, "one search, all jobs".  Give it a try.  It’s so simple and so powerful if you are in the market for a job.

But Indeed’s job search can run anywhere.  So if you run a web site or blog and want a job board, you don’t have to build one.  You can just host a version of Indeed.

A great example of this is Gawker Jobs which launched this past week.  Gawker is a blog about New York gossip, particularly gossip about the media industry in New York.

Gawker Jobs is just a "canned search" on Indeed for media jobs in New York.  But when you go look at Gawker Jobs, you’ll see that the featured jobs are perfect for Gawker’s audience.

There is another way to host an instant job board and that is called Indeed Jobroll.  We have been running one on our Union Square Ventures weblog since we launched it and today there is a job listing for a CEO for a podcasting startup.  Now that’s pretty relevant and we did nothing to make that job show up on our site other than enter a specific search into Indeed and save it as a Jobroll and paste the code into our blog template.  We did that once many months ago and its been working flawlessly since.

Pretty cool eh?  We think so.

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