iTunes 6.0 Sucks

I haven’t upgraded to iTunes 6.0 because there is no way (other than burning to CD and re-ripping) to remove the new version of Apple’s Fairplay DRM (talk about an oxymoron, there is nothing fair about limiting my ability to play my music anywhere I want).

For example, I cannot play music with Apple’s Fairplay DRM on my audiorequest music servers.  That right there is a non-starter for me.

With iTunes 5 and before, you could simply run the JHymn application to remove the DRM and that worked fine for me.  But it seems that JHymn doesn’t work on the new Fairplay DRM and nobody has figured out how to crack it yet.

I will not buy music that I cannot remove the DRM from.  And so I have not upgraded to iTunes 6 and I won’t buy music that can only be purchased from iTunes 6.

So I am back to buying CDs.  Which sucks.  I hate the fucking music industry!!!

#VC & Technology