iTunes 6.0 Sucks (continued)

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions (including Jackson who not surprisingly suggests going back to vinyl).

I have done two things

1 – set up an account on emusic.  I bought the Great Lake Swimmers record from them already.  And get this.  I paid $191 for the ability to download 90 songs a month (1080 songs per year).  That’s $0.18 per song or roughly $2 per record.  If I can find most of the music I want to buy on emusic (and I don’t yet know that I can) this is going to be the place I buy music from now on.

2 – set up an account on  I gave them $10 via paypal and so far I’ve bought 5 songs for a total of $0.19.  Roughly 4 cents per track.

All of this musis is DRM free.  I am going to add another New Year’s Resolution:

11 – Stop buying music from iTunes.

Thanks everyone who helped me make this one a reality.

UPDATE:  Apparently is not legit.  So I am going to stop using them.  They got me for $10.  That sucks but stealing music is worse.  I don’t and won’t do that.

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