I've Got The Urge

I hate the name, but what the hell, Microsoft is going after iTunes, which now sucks, with a service called Urge that includes an all you can eat subscription service.  Music dial tone from Microsoft.  Hell yeah, its about time Bill.

I just might switch from Rhapsody to Urge.  Why?  Because I am slowly but surely getting back into the Microsoft world.  I’ve got an Xbox 360 that I love. I just bought a Windows Mobile 5 based phone (not the Treo 700).  And I am thinking really seriously about getting a Media Center to serve up all my audio and photo content in my home.

If Apple would add a subsription service to iTunes, get rid of the stupid Fairplay DRM, and open things up, I might stay with them. But there’s little change of all that happening any time soon.

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