MDA Vario - Anyone Know Anything About This Phone?

My Treo 650 died on the trip back from Thailand and I am not going to replace it.

I am sick of the Treo even though I did get the crashes I blogged about to go away.  Thanks to everyone who replied.  It was a memory problem made worse by my use of Goodlink.

What I want is a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone that runs on a GSM network, has good outlook integration, has a good camera and wifi, and is Skype compatible.

This MDA Vario phone, reviews here and here, looks great.  It’s available from T-Mobile in europe and, of course, on eBay.

If anyone knows anything about this phone, in particular if an unlocked unit will run on my T-Mobile sim card here in the US, I’d love to hear about it in the comments or via email.

#VC & Technology