MP3 of the Week

I was listening to Raj Bala’s Loudspeakers podcast (certainly one of the best music podcasts out there), specifically Loudspeakers #8, and heard Rogue Wave do a cover of Buddy Holly’s song Everyday.  Raj explained that the cover comes from the soundtrack to the Stubbs The Zombie video game.

So the Gotham Gal and I checked it out on Rhapsody and the soundtrack is basically a series of covers of 50s songs by indie rock bands.  The Gotham Gal loved Ben Kweller’s cover of Lolipop so much that she put it on our most recent podcast.

There are a host of good songs on this disc, including the Rogue Wave cover of Buddy Holly, The Flaming Lips cover of If I Only Had A Brain, Death Cab’s cover of Earth Angel, and The Dandy Warhols cover of All I Have To Do Is Dream.  If you like the sound of this, you can get the record at Amazon.

But by far the best song on the disc is Clem Snide’s cover of Tears On My Pillow.

And so its my MP3 of the Week.

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