Now That's A Venture Return

How does 740 times your money in 20 years sound?

Sounds fantastic to me.

That’s what Steve Jobs just did.

20 years ago, he bought Pixar for $10mm.

And he just sold it to Disney for $7.4bn.

Now he’s surely taken some dilution along the way and he may have ponied up more money along the way too.  That’s what happens with venture investments.

So maybe he made 300 to 400 times his money.  Who cares?

Say what you will about Steve Jobs, and I have said plenty about the consumer unfriendly stuff that Apple is doing with the iPod and online music lately, but he is one of the great technology businessmen of our time, maybe the greatest.

And this deal should go down in history as one of the great venture investments.

#VC & Technology