Most people consider the classic Dylan to be 1960s, the Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61 years.  Great stuff to be sure, but I am partial to the late 60s/early 70s post accident period when he started hanging out with The Band.  Basement Tapes to Blood On The Tracks.  Wow.  I love that period.

Interestingly Dylan only recorded one record with The Band and that is one of my all-time favorite Dylan records – Planet Waves.  I pull it out in vinyl every time I am reunited with my vinyl collection at our beach house.

This record has only one "classic" Dylan song on it, that being Forever Young and maybe a second with Something There Is About You.  But it has a feel, a vibe, that is so wonderful.  Surely some of it comes from The Band who are the best backing band ever.  But the songs are great too.  You can hear the beginnings of Dylan’s greatest record, Blood On The Tracks, in this record.

If like Bob Dylan and have never heard Planet Waves, don’t wait any longer. 

Check it out on Amazon or Rhapsody.

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