Raj Bala ended his great Loudspeakers #13 podcast which I blogged about earlier this week with The Velvet Underground’s I Found A Reason.

That prompted me to dust off The VU’s Loaded album and give it some airtime this week.

That was a good thing because Loaded is a great album.  All four of the VU records are great and the first, VU and Nico, is on my top 50 list.

But Loaded is special, maybe because John Cale was gone and Lou got to shape the sound of the record.  This is a pop music record, VU style, with Lou’s stellar songwriting in full form.

My favorite track is I Found A Reason, but this record also has Sweet Jane and Rock and Roll on it.

I am sort of torn on the subject of which version of this record to recommend. We own both of them, one in vinyl and the other in CD. 

Loaded, with just the ten original songs, is a great listen start to finish.

But the reissued and remastered double CD (the Fully Loaded edition) is the one to get if you are a serious VU fan.  The demo version of I Found A Reason is my preferred version of this incredible song.  That version was the inspiration to start posting music on this blog almost two years ago.  Click on that link to hear the demo version of I Found A Reason.

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