One Week Without Google

Yahoo_2 My New Years Resolution number 9 was:

To reduce Google’s share of my web clickstream and my blog real estate.

So on New Year’s day I replaced Google with Yahoo! in the Firefox search field at the upper right of my browser and I’ve been searching the web with Yahoo! for the past week.

I must say that my life hasn’t changed for the worse.  The results seem fine.

I am sure there are many people who think that if Google search went down for an extended period of time, they’d be lost on the web.

But its not true.  Yahoo! does a fine job with search and I am happy to be rid of Google.

Now onto my blog real estate.  I need to figure out how to replace the Google blog search field with Yahoo! or Microsoft.  If anyone knows how to do that, I’d love a comment or an email.

#VC & Technology