Positively 10th Street

Positively_10th_street_logoWe took a month off from our weekly podcast to celebrate the holidays and go to Thailand.  It was a long time away from the weekly routine and we missed it.

We got back into it today with a fiesty show, some of which ended up on the cutting room floor to save all of your ears the shock of Josh yelling loudly into the mike and the girls yelling back. Let’s just say there were some differences of opinions voiced on several topics, including the sound effects in Come Together vs Walk This Way and other equally  important stuff.

We talked a bit about our Thailand trip and heard Emily review a couple movies among other topics of conversation.

Here is the song list:

Josh’s Song – Come Together – The Beatles
Jessica’s Song – DaisyDunes.com – Bicycle
Emily’s Song – Winter In The Hamptons – Josh Rouse
Joanne’s Song – Lollipop – Ben Kweller
Fred’s Song – When It Flows – Great Lake Swimmers

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