Rich Media Realities

If given a choice between being a radical pushing the envelope and a pragmatist dealing with the realities of life, my heart will choose the radical every day.  But my brain (and pocketbook) prefers the pragmatist.

When I wrote The Future of Media post, you were getting my radical side, pushing everyone to see that digital media is at best a free medium.  Since then, I have been hit over the head in the comments section, private emails, and in conversations with content owners of all shapes and sizes.

The reality of the rich media marketplace is a bit different right now than where I hope the future of media ends up.

So I took the time to jot down all my notes on my conversations with content owners over the past couple months since I wrote that post.  A summary of those notes and my six big conclusions are the subject of a post on the Union Square Ventures weblog called Rich Media Realities.  If you are interested in what I’ve learned, go give it a read.

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