There is spam that comes from computers (spambots) not people.  That is evil, ugly, awful, etc and it is on my Internet Axis of Evil and always will be.

Then there is spam from people.  This is email that is sent by one person to a group of people, and even to just one person.  I’ll call it personal spam.

But it is one sided.  There is no value in recieving the personal spam.  All value accrues to the sender.

I try very hard to avoid sending that kind of personal spam.  Because when you send it you use up valuable political capital with the recipient.

My suggestion to everyone who is tempted to send this kind of personal spam is to think about every email you send and ask the question if the recipient is going to get any value out of recieving it.  If the answer is no, then don’t hit the send button.

#VC & Technology