Sucking In The 70s (continued)

I promise to get back to this category more often.  I’ve been a bit focused on figuring out what’s next after "web 2.0".

In any case, for anyone who rocked their way through the 1970s, I suggest you go check out Raj Bala’s latest podcast, called Loudspeakers #13.

It’s a rock and roll tour through the 1970s, with an emphasis on the songs and artists who have most influenced today’s younger bands.

The Stooges track (Loose) is worth the listen all by itself.  Iggy is one of the all time great rockers.

Other highlights for me were:

Stevie Wonder – Mistra Know It All (1973) – we all know guys like Mistra Know It All.
Television – Marquee Moon (1977) – love the cool riff that runs throughout the song
Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It? (1979) – fantastic track
The Beatles – I Me Mine (1970) – George Harrison really rocked at the end of The Beatles
The Velvet Underground – I Found A Reason (1971)  – my favorite VU track

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