Which Is The Best Side of Exile?

Most longtime readers of this blog know that my favorite record of all time is Exile On Main Street.

Andy got me in a mood to listen to the Stones yesterday and when it was time to get in the shower and get ready for a night out with The Gotham Gal and friends, I wanted something uptempo.  But I only had 15 minutes.  I decided on Exile and then tried to figure out which side to play.  I ended up with the fourth and final side;

"All Down the Line" (Jagger/Richards) – 3:49
"Stop Breaking Down" (Traditional) – 4:34
"Shine a Light" (Jagger/Richards) – 4:14
"Soul Survivor" (Jagger/Richards) – 3:49

I mostly listen to this record from start to finish and kick things off with the amazing first side;

"Rocks Off" (Jagger/Richards) – 4:31
"Rip This Joint" (Jagger/Richards) – 2:23
"Shake Your Hips" (Harpo) – 2:59
"Casino Boogie" (Jagger/Richards) – 3:33
"Tumbling Dice" (Jagger/Richards) – 3:45

So I started to think about this record in its original vinyl incarnation as a four sided double record and the question of which side was the best side popped into my head.

The second side is pretty amazing too;

"Sweet Virginia" (Jagger/Richards) – 4:25
"Torn and Frayed" (Jagger/Richards) – 4:17
"Sweet Black Angel" (Jagger/Richards) – 2:54
"Loving Cup" (Jagger/Richards) – 4:23

Which leaves the third size, anchored by Keith’s anthem, Happy;

"Happy" (Jagger/Richards) – 3:04
"Turd on the Run" (Jagger/Richards) – 2:36
"Ventilator Blues" (Jagger/Richards/Taylor) – 3:24
"I Just Want to See His Face" (Jagger/Richards) – 2:52
"Let It Loose" (Jagger/Richards) – 5:16

I think if I could only listen to one side, I’d most often pick the fourth side, as I did last night.  So I’ll pick that one.  If anyone else has an opinion, I am all ears.

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