Will 2006 Be A "Banner" Year?

I made the observation in my post on Yahoo! vs Google that CPM advertising (ie banners and sponsorships) may be making a relative comeback in comparison to search in 2006.

Here is some data from the BtoB online survey "2006 Marketing Priorities and Plans" of 366 senior
marketing executives that seems to indicate that observation is correct.

In 2006,
72.0% of marketers plan to increase online budgets. Within Internet
spending, the specific media that will receive the greatest share of
marketers’ online budgets in 2006 will be

  •     Web sites (30.3%)
  •     e-mail (22.0%)
  •     search (20.3%)
  •     sponsorships (10.3%)

I take "web sites" and "sponsorships" to mean CPM based advertising.  If that is a correct assumption, then it seems to indicate that twice the amount of money is going into CPM advertising in 2006 than is going into search.

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