DEMO - Day Two

The morning started out with some VOIP oriented serivces.  None of them blew me away but is pretty cool.  It allows you to connect your Skype account on your computer to your mobile phone.  Your skype buddies appear on your phone and you can start talking to them. I saw another similar company in Boston whose name escapes me.  How long until Skype offers this?  It’s certainly a nice thing to have.

Then we had four search demos.  All of which were interesting.  Steve Levine from Transparansee did a very nice demo of Transparansee’s fuzzy search solutions for database driven web services. I particuarly liked the use of slider bars in the results page.

Nexidia blew me away with their audio search service.  You type in a word or a phrase and they can find it in a spoken word in an audio or video file.  It doesn’t use close captioning or tags.  It literally searches the audio.  Very nice.

Truveo, which was bought by AOL recently, demo’d their video search service. It seems to work very well. I’ll have to start using it to find SNL skits on the web.

The rest of the morning session was not as interesting to me. I did like the demo of NewsGator’s new web based reader for publishers.  SimpleFeed was also interesting to me given our investment in Feedburner.

The afternoon was all about security.  It’s not an area I have a lot of feel for.  I realize the need for security, but its not an area I can get passionate about.  Just ask Rich, who does the technology work in our office.

#VC & Technology