DEMO - First Morning

I spent the morning watching 18 companies do demos for an audience full of media, pr people, and VCs.

It was a lot of fun.

The best ones are always the ones I can’t invest in, like the MooBella ice cream vending machine that gives you a custom made scoop of ice cream on the fly. It’s in the lower right of this photo.

All of us geeks will be happy to know that MooBella runs on a Linux OS.

Very cool.  I will be getting some MooBella when that mid afternoon slowdown hits me.

In the same category I really liked the Pleo robotic pet animal that seems very real.

It made me think that we aren’t far from pets who don’t have to be taken out for a walk in the mornings.

The Gotham Gal knows how much I would long for that.

But what about things I would invest in?

I liked Zingee which is a vertical storage/file sharing system with blog integration.  They are from Australia.  What is it about Australia?  Seeing lots of interesting stuff from down under lately.

And I liked Garage Band’s new Gpal service for iTunes.  Seems like for the iPod if I got it right.

And I liked Biggerboat’s vertical search and advertising network service for entertainment products.  It’s like Indeed and Kayak for music and movies.  IMDB meets Google?  The service won’t be live until later this month. Here’s a screen shot.


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