DEMO - The Ice Cream Vending Machine

When I saw the demo this morning, I knew I’d have to give this a try.

So when the late afternoon wave of tiredness hit me, I went over the the MooBella machine and gave it a try.

This thing is pretty impressive.  It’s got a very simple user interface.

You select the kind of ice cream you want.

Then you select your mixins.

Then you select low fat or "rich" which obviously means "high fat".

I chose the "high fat" because I’d rather not eat ice cream (and generally don’t) unless its the good stuff.

Then you wait while it goes through the various steps.

And you get your scoop of ice cream.

I went for caramel with chocolate chip mixins.

And it was about as good as Carvel.

Not Ben and Jerry’s but not bad for a vending machine.

#VC & Technology