Guided By Voices Podcasts

I have never gotten into Guided By Voices.  They are always on everyone’s list of great indie bands and so I have always wanted to like them, and yet I haven’t managed to get there.

Raj Bala is hell bent to change that with his Guided By Voices podcasts.  He plans to do a series of them, and has started with the first called An Intro To Guided By Voices (1986 – 1990).

I listened to it yesterday while walking around the city to various meetings and the like. 

I enjoyed the podcast, but can’t help but think of Paul’s comment to Janine in the Mass Hysteria podcast from February 2nd (16:49 into the show):

I have a love/hate relationship with Guided By Voices. Some of their songs sound as good as anything the Beatles ever did and some of their songs are just total garbage.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call any of the songs on Raj’s podcast "garbage" but there is an inconsistency to the work that I continue to struggle with.

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