I Am With You Dave

Yahoo! Music has been front and center on this blog this week.

So I am going to end with week by giving big kudos to Dave Goldberg, who runs Yahoo! Music.

At Music 2.0 this week in Los Angelese, Dave suggested that record labels should try selling music online without copy protection.

Of course they should. They do that offline with CDs. Why do they feel the need to sell music online with DRM?

And the main reason they should do this is that with the massive proliferation of devices, DRM is a total hassle that is pissing off the consumers and making them dislike buying music online.

I only buy music on eMusic or on CD.  I won’t ever buy music with DRM on it unless I can easily take it off and turn it back into a mp3.

Dave echoed this concern, saying that "rights management restrictions have created a barrier for consumers making it a hurdle to transfer music to portable devices, and
creating incompatibility between music services and MP3 players", according to this cNet story.

It’s about time that people who are closest to what’s going on in the online music business start speaking the truth.

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