Messing With My Computer

There is nothing I hate more about software than when it messes with my computer.

I have spent hours (probably days) getting things the way I like them on my laptop and I don’t want anyone changing the settings without my knowledge.

So when I recently downloaded Yahoo! Music Engine, I found that all my media files (mp3s, mpeg4, etc) are now set to be played by Yahoo! Music Engine.

But I want Quicktime to play mpeg4 and I want iTunes to play mp3s.

So I opened those programs and set them as the default player.

But Yahoo! Music Engine must have messed with my computer good because it keeps changing them back.

That is not cool.  I want to stop this once and for all and if I don’t find a way to override this bad behavior soon, I will remove Yahoo! Music Engine from my computer and never put it back on.

#VC & Technology