MP3 of the Week

It took something special to knock me out of my Arctic Monkeys obsession last week. The thing that did it is a new record by one of my all-time favorite bands, The Flaming Lips.

The Lips’ new record, At War With the Mystics, started leaking on the Internet last week and of course I got my hands on it as soon as I heard the news.

Before anyone starts accusing me of theft, let me say this. I would gladly send The Lips or their record company $20 via PayPal for the privledge of listening to this record. I would have done it the minute I found the record on the net and I’d do it right now.  When this record is finally "released" in early April, I will purchase it on Amazon.

But how silly is that?  What does "release" mean in this day and age of bits?  It’s been released.  I want to pay now, not a month from now.  If the record is done, its done. Put the entire thing out. It’s going to get out anyway.

OK, on to the record. It’s fantastic. It took a few listens, as do all Flaming Lips records. But I am nearing ten listens and loving it.

Like all Flaming Lips records, its hard to pick out one song to feature because the albums are really a complete work, but I’ll do it anyway.

My favorite songs are The Sound of Failure and It Overtakes Me but both are 7 minutes long, too long for an MP3 of the Week.

So here is My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (i love the names of Lips songs). It’s not short either, coming in at 4:51, but it’s the best I can do.

Listen to My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

I hope you like it.

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