I am stuck in a rut, posting records that cannot be found on Amazon, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music, or iTunes.  It’s a drag because I like to provide a link to the music in the chance that some of you might want to hear or it or buy it.  But I guess that if the record is really a Nugget, the powers that be that determime what gets online and what does not wouldn’t select it.  Shame on them.

Anyway enough of my rant.  Josh is totally into Jimi Hendrix and along with Led Zepplelin, Black Sabbath, and early Aerosmith, he is taking me back to my early days. He’s got me listening to my Hendrix albums again.  And there is one record that I just love. 

It’s called Nine To The Universe.  It was released well after Jimi’s death, in 1980.  I am sure I bought it in college, most certainly in the used record rack at Nuggets in Kenmore Square.

This was the last of Alan Douglas’ releases of unheard Jimi Hendrix material and the only one that wasn’t a complete disaster. It is all instrumental and very much a jazz record.

If Jimi had lived, he certainly would have evolved into one of the all time great jazz musicians and this record shows a glimpse of where he would have taken us.

You can find this record on eBay or possibly buried in some used record bin somewhere.  If you love Jimi Hendrix and never have heard this record, do yourself a favor and go get it.

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