PersonalDNA - A Cool New Web Service

Have you ever taken a "Myers-Briggs" personality study?  It’s enlightening for sure, but takes a long time to complete and isn’t very interactive.  I’d love to have the ability to look at someone’s personality profile before hiring them, but I have never had the desire to force someone to take a test as a condition of being considered for a job.  And these tests don’t have the ability to be "360’d" by having a bunch of peers complete them on you as well.

Well enter the web, specifically web 2.0, and PersonalDNA.

PersonalDNA is a web service that does a sophisticated and rigorous personality profile in about 15-20 minutes (I know because I just took one).  It makes use of lots of cool ajaxy things like sliders and buckets.

At the end you get a result which you can publish.  Here is mine.  And I have added it to the top right of my blog, right under my mantra.

But what’s even cooler is that you can ask others to complete profiles on you via the "psyche you/psych me" feature. 

According to the website:

You can invite people to assess you. They’ll be given reports that will
represent their versions of your personality. If they share those
reports with you, you can collect everyone else’s version of your
personality and compare personalDNA strips and personality maps
side-by-side with yours. You’ll also get a match percentage to see how
well they know you.

I haven’t yet done this, but I am going to invite my co-workers and my family to do it and I’ll see how that impacts the personality profile. It should be interesting.

Imagine if every linked in page had a personalDNA report on it, if every resume had one, if every blog had one?  This could be very interesting if it goes viral.

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