Positively 10th Street

Positively_10th_street_logo_3It seems like we are now pretty much on an every other week schedule for our family podcast, Positively 10th Street.

We always do it on Sunday evenings and last week we had the Super Bowl festivities and Jessica’s birthday dinner.  Next week we’ll be away skiing on President’s weekend.

So we had to get a podcast in this Sunday and we did it.

Topics of discussion were why the kids never get a snow day, even when it snows 27" in one day, my thoughts on DEMO, and a bunch of other stuff.  The kids are getting pretty comfortable with the podcast format and were really being themsevles on this show which made for some fun moments.

Here is the song list:

Josh’s Song – Birthday – The Beatles (of course)
Fred’s Song – When The Sun Goes Down – The Arctic Monkeys (of course)
Joanne’s Song – Wonderwall – Ryan Adams (Oasis cover from The OC soundtrack)
Jessica’s Song – Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s (discovered on MySpace of course)
Emily’s Song – Upside Down – Jack Johnson (of course)

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