The Gotham Gal's Reviews & Recipes

Most readers of this blog know that my wife Joanne has a blog called Gotham Gal.

She writes about a lot of things on her blog, but there are four kinds of posts that she does regularly:

  • Her recipes
  • Restaurant Reviews (mostly NYC restaurants)
  • Movie Reviews
  • Theater Reviews

I have been tagging these four kinds of posts in delicious for the past six months and plan to continue to do that.  Today, I burnt the delicious feeds of those tags and they are now displayed on the left sidebar in a section called "Gotham Gal’s Stuff".

You don’t need to know anything about delicious or feedburner to be able to use these links.

You can click on them and read them like a blog or you can click on them and subscribe to them as a feed.  I hope you like them.  I sure do.

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