What's A Favicon?

It seems I learn something new about blogging every week, possibly every day.

Until last week, I had never heard the term "favicon".

I have noticed that many blogs have icons that appear in their feeds and in the URL field of the browser.

So I decided that I wanted my blog to have that feature too.  I thought there was something I needed to do to my feed setup.  So I asked the always helpful people at FeedBurner.  They said, it’s your "favicon". You need to set it up in Typepad.

Favicon, hmm.  So I sent an email to the always helpful people at TypePad and I was pointed to this page.

So it turns out that a favicon is a file type, specifically favicon.ico, that contains the icon that is displayed in the feed or the URL.

There is a great web service called Favicon From Pics that will take an image file that you upload and create the favicon.ico file you need.

Then you upload it to your blog server and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

I hope some of you find this useful. I am looking forward to seeing lots of little head shots all over the Internet!

#VC & Technology