Who Are You?

The results are in and now we know a bit more about who reads this blog.

To be honest I am stunned and flattered to have such a fantastic audience.

Some factoids:

You are overwhelmingly male (87%)

You are middle age (63% of you are between 30 and 50)

36% of you are CEOs or Chairmans of your companies (this number is frankly mind blowing to me)

63% of you make more than $100k per year

78% of you live in the US (i am slightly disappointed by this number as a much larger percentage of foreigners seem to comment and track back so i had hoped for a more global audience)

54% of you do not have children (this is surprising to me as well)

You are gadget geeks who others rely on for advice and specifications when purchasing technology

You spend way more time online than any other medium

And you are web 2.0.  You blog, you comment, you track bag, you tag, use RSS, and do all the same stuff I do.

Maybe none of this surprises you because you know who you are.  Now I do.  And as I said at the top, I am flattered by the fact that so many great people read this blog. 

Thank you

#VC & Technology