Who Are You and Why Do You Come Here?

I am joining FM Publishing in an attempt to earn more money for good causes with this blog.

CPC ad networks have their limitations for a blog like this one.  This blog might make $100-$200 a month with Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network.  I think this blog will make a lot more with CPM advertising and I think FM is the best way to do that.  They power the ads on blogs like Boing Boing, OM Malik, Digg, Buzzmachine, etc.  That’s my crowd and FM is their CPM ad network.

So, the first thing I need to do is find out stuff about you, the readers.  Who are you and why do you come here?  Please do me and the good causes I support with the revenue from this blog by taking a second to complete this survey.


#VC & Technology