Yahoo!'s Messing With My Computer (continued)

My friend Paul (whom I’ve never met but I listen to his podcast religiously) posted this comment on my original "Messing With My Computer" post.  These are instructions on how to stop Yahoo! Music Engine from taking control of all your media.

You need to turn them OFF in Yahoo, not turn them ON in the other player.  Apparently Yahoo seems to think if you do this, the other players are doing this innapropriately.

From the File menu, select Preferences
on the My Music tab:
File Associations: This box indicates file types for which you want the Yahoo! Music Engine to be the default player. By default, all the file types that Yahoo! Music Engine plays are highlighted. To individually select a file type, first click Select None then click a file type to add. Shift-click to select more than one file type.

You should only associate those files you want to be associated with Yahoo Music player – so, in your case uncheck mpeg4 and mp3.

Restore file associations at Yahoo! Music Engine startup: This disables other players that try to over-write your preferences here.

You should make sure this is unchecked, so Yahho doesn’t reset the settings each time it starts up

read here for details…

I’ve done all of this and hope it works.

But this is not how it should work.  It’s uncool and Yahoo! should fix this asap.

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