Federated Media's Big Day

Federated Media, the company that sells the advertising on this blog, had a big day yesterday.

  • They announced that they had closed a round of financing with my friends from Panorama Capital, the former technology venture capital group of JP Morgan Partners.  John Battelle tells a great story in the post announcing the financing about how JP Morgan offered to bailout The Industry Standard at the 11th hour.  I had a front row seat for that show and it was a very sad ending.
  • They launched the Federated Media website which showcases the amazing set of bloggers they have accumulated.
  • And possibly most importantly, they launched their first aggregator/filter page, FM/Tech. If you read Om Malik, Boing Boing, Digg, Techcrunch, my blog, etc but don’t have time to visit all of them in the five minutes you’ve got before your next meeting, just bookmark and/or add FM/Tech to your reader for a quick view of what’s happening on all of those blogs.  I’ve added FM/Tech to my blogroll and anticipate it getting a lot of my airtime.
#VC & Technology