Known and Unkown

There are an increasing number of sophisticated investors who play at the seed level, angels, super angels, and seed stage venture funds.  This is an important segment of the venture capital business and it may be the sweet spot to invest in a lot of the new web services.

One of the best groups doing these kinds of investments is First Round Capital, Josh Kopleman, Howard Morgan, and now Chris Fralic.  These guys are pros and if you are looking for a really good seed investor in a web services company, you should absolutely knock on their door.

I am telling you all this for a bunch of reasons, but the main one is that Josh is now sharing his considerable wisdom via a weblog and he has a great post up about pitching investors and how to deal with what you know and don’t know about your own business.  Go read it, it’s high quality stuff and exactly the kind of thing investors should be posting on their blogs.

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